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Technology. It's what We know and love here at JBarber Hosting. Over two decades ago, Jordan Barber realized he needed a faster gaming computer but the pre-built options were too expensive so he built one for himself. Little did Jordan know at the time but this would spawn an interest in Information Technology that has continued ever since. At Leon High, Jordan worked in the IT department and at the University of Florida, Jordan provided IT support to local businesses while earning his bachelors in Business Administration.

Upon graduating college, Jordan returned to Tallahassee and was hired by one of the leading PR, Media, and Web Design & Hosting companies in the south-east where he honed his skills as IT Director for over 10 years. During this time, Jordan learned the industry inside-and-out and forged relationships with industry professionals including a team of excellet developers. In 2019, a wonderful opportunity arose which led to Jordan taking full ownership of the IT and Hosting portion of his previous employer's business forming the new company: JBarber Hosting LLC.

Our team is fully based in the USA, we don't outsource anything! Many "big" design firms will re-use proposals full of catchy buzz phrases and quote you an exorbitantly high price tag...only to then outsource all the work for pennies on the dollar. Unfortunately, the outsourced products rarely live up the quality standards the client expects and that's stating it nicely. At JBarber Hosting, we cut through the nonsense and deliver high quality products & services designed and made completely in the USA. Our focus on quality and a positive customer service experience has led to an extremely high customer retention rate. Some clients have been with us over 10 years! Our clients are our literal business and without you, the client, we would shut down. Our goal has and always will be: To Provide Effective Solutions that Exceed Your Expectations!

A happy client is a repeat client and we wouldn't have it any other way. :=) Contact us using our Contact Form. Drop us an email at -or- call us at (850)-895-1599. We greatly appreciate your business and look forward to speaking with you soon.

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